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These are dark times, and Coach Nami wants to inspire others to find their light and fill the world with it.


As a speaker, Nami boldly shares the life truths she has learned over the years.  She talks about her challenges as a South Asian, first generation woman and how she discovered what pulled her up from rock bottom –  finding the light inside and mastering her mind.  She hopes by sharing her journey, people will be encouraged to:

  • Connect to their light source

  • Identify their unique gifts

  • Reignite their passion

  • Engage with purpose

  • Live their truth


Nami has spoken on several professional and community panels and podcasts, such as Forgive and Thrive and Chai Break.

Ready to bring Coach Nami to speak to your group?


Panel Presentation for the Jay Shetty Coachpreneur 2021 Conference


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“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
- Oprah Winfrey
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